Products Page

Core Processing:

FPGAsLattice Semiconductor
CPLDsLattice Semiconductor
MicrocontrollersInfineon, XMOS
ASICsTriad (Mixed Signal)
Video Bridges – Lattice Semiconductor


Power Solutions:

AC-DC Front Ends to 2.5 kW – Cosel USA
Digital/Analog Power Controllers
MOSFETs/MOSFET DriversInfineon
Power Stages with Integrated MOSFET Drivers - Infineon
3A thru 35A POL ICs with Integrated MOSFETs - Infineon
Level VI Power SuppliesGlobTek
Medical & ITE Power SuppliesCosel USA, GlobTek
Wall Plug Power Supplies - GlobTek
Intermediate Bus Converters – Cosel USA
DC-DC ModulesCosel USA, GlobTek
Input/Output Power Filters – Cosel USA
Capacitors - Surge Components
Heat Sinks - ATS
BatteriesEVE Energy, GlobTek


OPTO/LED Solutions:

General LightingOSRAM
Outdoor LightingOSRAM
Laser DiodesOSRAM
LED Drivers ISSI, Infineon




Clocking Solutions

Crystals, MEMs Oscillators, Oscillators Abracon
Precision Programmable Timing Abracon
Real Time Clocks Abracon

Display Solutions:

TFT, OLED, MonochromeTruly Displays


Memory Solutions:

DRAM & Flash ModulesATP


RF Solutions:

SAW, TC-SAW & BAW FiltersQualcomm RF360
Switches, Transistors, MOSFETs, DiodesInfineon
Time-of-Flight (TOF)Infineon
Radar (24GHz, 77GHz)Infineon
mmWave (60GHz, 70GHz, 80GHz)Infineon
60GHz XMIT/REC Modules – Lattice Semiconductor
V & E-band Backhaul Transceivers


Other Solutions:

Antennas Abracon
Automotive Grade ICs
ISSI, Infineon, Lattice Semiconductor, OSRAM
Audio Amplifiers, Speakers, Exciters
ISSI, Tectonic Elements
Hall Effect SensorsInfineon
Pins, Receptacles, Board Interconnects Mill-Max
Optical TransceiversATOP Technology
RJ45 ICMs Abracon
TVS/ESD Protection ICs Infineon, Surge Components
Wireless Charging Coils Abracon